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Commercial Refrigeration Service

Attending to Your Commercial Refrigeration Requirements

Coastline Cooling, LLC, is proud to offer the ultimate commercial air conditioning and refrigeration repair service in the state of Florida. We’ve diligently worked to build our reputation as a leader in the industry for HVACR repairs and service.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Our Coastline Cooling, LLC technicians are experts in providing commercial refrigeration repair throughout the state of Florida. We are the factory-preferred service provider for major brands of equipment, and our technicians receive on-the-job training regularly to stay up to date with the very latest in refrigeration repair techniques, tools, and equipment installation methods. Every job we are called to do is completed in the best interests of our customers.

As partners with the top commercial refrigeration manufacturers in the industry for warranty and non-warranty service, we are required to carry a standard parts stock list on all of our service vehicles. This means that Coastline Cooling, LLC has the ability to make most repairs the same day. We perform detailed cooling system installation and equipment maintenance directly for the manufacturers. Our refrigeration manufacturer partners trust us to ensure their systems operate at their best possible performance and that same trust is shared by our Team Coastline customers.

Air Conditioning Service

Between Florida's hot temperatures and the salt air, facilities managers have their work cut out for them. The average life of HVAC rooftop equipment in Florida is significantly less than the rest of the country due to Florida's #1 rank in average temperature. Proper maintenance is key to getting the full life out of each piece of HVAC equipment. We will tailor a custom preventative maintenance program for your companies specific needs to help extend the life of your equipment.

Failures are inevitable and when they do occur, it always seems to happen at the absolute worst time. This is where we thrive - emergency service. When a restaurant loses their dining room air conditioner during a holiday weekend, they know we will respond within 2 hours and have the capabilities to get them back up and running the same day. Our trucks are fully stocked and ready to get you back in business.

Air Conditioning Service


Most breakdowns occur due to lack of maintenance. We can help tailor a custom preventative maintenance program to your company’s specific needs to help extend the life of your equipment. Our Team Coastline customers receive the absolute best maintenance experience around because of two key factors:

1. Coastline Cooling, LLC, doesn’t operate on commission. This allows all of our service technicians to operate in the best interests of the customer.

2. Coastline Cooling, LLC, only employs full-service HVACR technicians, not maintenance technicians. Not only can service technicians spot things that maintenance technicians cannot, but they have the experience in the industry to provide you with straight-up, honest advice when you need to make repairs, and let you know when you can afford to hold off.


warranty service

Warranty Service

Coastline Cooling, LLC, provides factory warranty service for just about every heating, ventilation, and refrigeration (HVACR) manufacturer in the industry. We maintain a full inventory on each of our service vehicles, which includes every manufacturer’s preferred warranty parts stock list. Our goal is to get our customers back up and running on the same day.

New Construction

Coastline Cooling, LLC, works with project managers and general contractors to install and start up your HVAC, refrigeration, and ice machine equipment on-time. We are trusted by manufacturers, national construction companies, restaurant chains and equipment distributors to have their jobs 100% completed and inspected by their given deadline. We are preferred by the equipment distributors because we also provide factory service on the installed equipment. Call us today to discuss your upcoming project.

new construction

factory installation

Factory Installation

Our company is dispatched directly by the manufacturers to provide factory installations for their national account customers throughout Florida. Ice machine packages, coolers and freezers can be shipped directly to our warehouse, where we have an extended forklift and ample storage. All of our technicians are factory-trained and they will connect your equipment exactly how it was designed to be installed. Once the equipment is completely installed, we start it up and check over the general operation to ensure it is running according to factory specifications. We document the equipment information and submit it to the factory to start your warranty coverage.