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Commercial Refrigeration & HVAC

At Coastline Cooling, our power is in our people. 

We hire people that make our company better, no matter their experience level. People that we can all learn something from. We strive each and everyday to take steps to better serve you. 

Commercial Refrigeration

Keeping your business operating at full speed - that's our motto. When you are not operating at full speed, it is costing you money. Our technicians are factory trained experts in providing commercial refrigeration repair throughout the state of Florida. We are the factory-authorized service provider for all the major brands so you can rest assured you will receive a top-tier technician everytime you need us. No commission-based selling means our technicians don't make a dime on any parts or equipment they propose to you, those recommendations are the same recommendations we would make to our own family members.

As partners with the top commercial refrigeration manufacturers in the industry for warranty and non-warranty service, we carry a standard OEM parts stock list on all of our service vehicles. This means that Coastline Cooling has the ability to make most repairs the same day we are there and more often than not, in half the amount of time as the other guys. That saves you time and money, exactly why the manufacturers call us direct.

Commercial HVAC

Between Florida's hot temperatures and the salt air from our two coasts, facilities managers have their work cut out for them. The average life of HVAC rooftop equipment in Florida is significantly less than the rest of the country due to Florida's #1 rank in average temperature. Even with the harsh environment, these units have become extremely reliable, assuming you receive a proper installation and stick to a stringent maintenance plan. 

We carry relationships with the National Accounts Program and the Manufacturers of Lennox, Carrier, Trane, Rheem, and American Standard. After installation, proper maintenance is key to getting the full life out of each unit. We will tailor a preventative maintenance program for your specific needs to extend the life of your equipment.

Failures are inevitable and when they do occur, it always seems to happen at the absolute worst time. This is where we thrive - emergency service. When a restaurant loses their dining room air conditioner during a holiday weekend, they know we will respond within 2 hours and have the capabilities to get them back up and running the same day. Because our trucks are fully stocked, we are able to get you back in business before your customers ever notice a problem. 

Preventative Maintenance

Most breakdowns occur due to lack of maintenance and for reasons we can't wrap our heads around, some restaurants choose to skip out on it. Everyone knows the importance of replacing your air filters for your HVAC units and cleaning condenser coils for your refrigeration units, but we still see more and more establishments skipping out on proper ice machine maintenance. Ice is classified as food and ice machines grow mold, slime and calcium when not maintained - you DO NOT want to see that in your customers drinks. We will help tailor a preventative maintenance program to your company’s needs to help extend the life of your equipment, give you confidence when the health-inspector walks in, and provide your customers with healthy, great tasting ice. 

Factory Warranty Service 

Inside and outside our industry, we recommend contacting the manufacturer for their preferred service agent for your area if you ever have a failure. These Authorized Service Agent's (ASA's) see and work on their equipment every single day and can have your equipment diagnosed and repaired before the other guys are done with their "how-to" video on YouTube. These companies maintain a stocked parts inventory on each of our service vehicles, which includes that manufacturer’s warranty parts stock list. These companies truly care about your time and are dedicated to advanced factory training multiple times per year to learn the newest equipment and technology. We take pride in being the ASA's for 20+ premier refrigeration manufacturers. 

New Construction

Coastline Cooling works with project managers and general contractors to install and start up your Refrigeration, HVAC, and Ice Machine equipment on-time and per Factory Specifications. We are trusted by manufacturers, equipment distributors, restaurant chains, and  construction companies to have their jobs 100% completed and inspected by their given deadline. We are preferred by the equipment distributors because we also provide factory service on the installed equipment. If you are a coordinator or project manager familiar with this side of the business and your current projects are just not going smooth, give us a call. We will make your days much more fun. 

Factory Installation

Our company is dispatched directly by the manufacturers to provide factory installations for their national account customers throughout Florida. Ice machine packages, coolers and freezers can be shipped directly to our warehouse, where we can offload the shipment with our forklift and have ample storage for staging. All of our technicians are factory-trained and  will assemble and install your equipment exactly how you want it. Once the equipment is completely installed, we start it up and check over the general operation to ensure it is running according to factory specifications. We document the equipment information and submit it to the factory to start your warranty coverage.